2017 RunnersUp

Stephen Memorial Award – Runners Up

This competition was genuinely hard to judge, and none of these cats should be considered in any way inferior. This page is done in alphabetical order of the only thing that matters: the cat!

From Sir Kipling, witch’s cat and master deadpan snarker, or Khana, the airship’s cat, to Gatsby and Yoshi detectives extraordinaire, whether they talk, purr or simply keep their humans under paw, all these cats were distinctive enough to make a mark. Here are our ten Runners Up for 2017.

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Cat: Ankh-Si
Story: Homunculus and the Cat

A winged cat with a literal nine lives, who is curious, enjoys sleeping and who can talk when she feels like it. She spends her time helping out against Japanese Mobsters, death cults and, more often than not, letting everyone else run around while it is boring. Of course, if something does become of interest, she will quite happily spend her time getting into trouble.

Awarded to Ankh-Si, a winged cat who made the most of all her nine livesStephen Memorial Award 2017

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Cat: Bouhaki
Story: Bouhaki

When a calico stray decides it’s going to introduce itself into the author’s life, it demonstrates that cats are very good at getting what they want. Setting up residence while the author is suffering with flu, Bouhaki winds up saving the life it has forced its way into.

Awarded to Bouhaki, for determination and skills in the practice of feline first aidStephen Memorial Award 2017

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Cat: Ophelia
Story: The Clockwork Menagerie

Ophelia the clockwork cat is a wondrous creation. Returned to the shop she was made in due to a defects like being able to throw up, which no mechanical cat should do, Ophelia’s creator is left with the problem of rehoming her. Mechanical or not, Ophelia is for all intents and purposes a cat with a sweet purr and the feline ability to twist people round her tiny mechanical claws…and possibly be the way her creator will finally find happiness.

Awarded to Ophelia, for exemplary practice of utter felinity through clockworkStephen Memorial Award 2017

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Cat: Elvira
Story: Dead Again

An albino cat with more expressions than a comic, Elvira knows exactly how to get her point across to her erstwhile owner, Emlyn Good. Being a witch’s cat hasn’t granted her any supernatural power other than the ability to say with a look and a meow exactly what she thinks of the people around her – not to mention getting caught up in all sorts of magic!

Awarded to Ophelia, for expressing appropriately feline opinions of her owner at all timesStephen Memorial Award 2017

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Cat: Gatsby
Story: The Petectives II: Stalking Horse

Gatsby is the active part of the feline detective duo: Sam Spade to Yoshi’s Mycroft Holmes. Yoshi’s partner in claws, Gatsby is cool and sophisticated (at least, he thinks so). He spends more of his time doing the legwork and getting into scrapes but still knows how to handle himself in a fight or mystery, just not when the vet is involved…

Awarded to Gatsby, for sauve feline coolness and dislike of vets…Stephen Memorial Award 2017

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Cat: Hamish
Story: The Counterfeiter Catching Cat

Hamish is a large Maine Coon cat who can sniff out trouble, (and counterfeit bills) and who rules the roost at the Cozy Cat Cafe. Whether it is getting into places he doesn’t belong or being used as sniffer cat, camera cat, or investigation aid, Hamish makes his mark in the little town of Ashbrook, solving more problems than he causes. And he causes a few…

Awarded to Hamish, for services to feline curiosity and exceptional investigative skillsStephen Memorial Award 2017

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Cat: Khana
Story: The Wake of a Dragon

From the moment she is hauled aboard clinging to one of the tow lines, Khana quickly wins over the Captain and then the crew. As much a member of the crew as any other supporting crewman, the Captain spends a lot of time making sure she is happy on board. She even appears in the last closing paragraph of the book, leaving a definite impression on the reader.

Awarded to Khana, airship’s cat for meritorious service among pirates.Stephen Memorial Award 2017

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Cat: Sir Kipling
Story: Love, Lies and Hocus Pocus 3: Allies

A cat who can talk but can only be heard by his owner, Lily, Sir Kipling is more than capable of providing a stately sideline in snarky comments as he assists her in stopping the plots of her evil father. He is also absolutely convinced of his own superiority due to being, well, a feline and is not shy about pointing it out.

Awarded to Sir Kipling, for maintaining feline dignity under trying magical circumstancesStephen Memorial Award 2017

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Cat: Roly Poly (RP)
Story: Bleed Through

Roly Poly is a Persian cat who seems to be the only other creature who can see the visions of his owner, Liam, and who doesn’t like them at all. He spends his time either trying to run outside to kill small creatures, sometimes succeeding, or launching himself at things that should not be there, driving them away and then curling up and purring on his owner’s lap to keep him safe from his own delusions.

Awarded to Roly Poly, for dedicated tooth and claw hunting of delusions. And lizards.Stephen Memorial Award 2017

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Cat: Yoshi
Story: The Petectives

A smart, eloquent, black cat who insists on his regularly scheduled nap times and is fastidiously fussy when dealing with other creatures. Yoshi is way smarter than any cat has a right to be, and he has no problems being smug about it. His partner Gatsby might find the mysteries, but Yoshi is the one who solves them, as long as it doesn’t mean exerting himself or disturbing his naps!

Awarded to Yoshi, for exemplary feline curiosity without sacrificing essential nap timeStephen Memorial Award 2017