2018 Award

The 2018 Stephen Award has now closed. The winner is “Three Kitties that Saved My Life”, a touching memoir by Micheal Meyer featuring a number of very distinctive cats.

The three runners-up were extremely difficult to select, but the judges finally settled on:

  • Cat Magic – Sir Kipling, the magical cat, in his own adventure
  • The Creatures of Chichester – Purrcasso, the art galley cat, dealing with ghosts
  • Familiar Trials – Dascha, the determined and brave familiar

Other memorable mentions go to “Finding their way Home”, a sweet poem about rescue cats, “Rebecca” by Austin Grisham about a Time Travellers cat and “Petectives: Under Fire” – the latest in the feline detective series.

For the 2018 Award, we partnered with CatChat.org, the cat rehoming charity, and donated £1 for each book entered. Bookangel are delighted to announce that the award raised enough to rehome twenty cats. While our competition is over, you can supprot Catchat directly through their site: Click here to Support CatChat.

Details of the 2017 Award are still available on the site. The 2017 winner was “Tigger: Tales of a Cosmopolitan Cat” by Suzanne Heywood, the memoirs of one cat’s adventures on three continents, detailing encounters with everything from squirrels to dogs to bemused quarantine officers.