Post-2017 competition: the 2018 Award

Stephen, doing an impression of the judges right after the award!There are likely to be a few changes if we do this again. Rather than one large prize, we’re likely to have first, second, and third, or gold, silver, bronze, then runner ups depending on number of entries.

We also learned a few valuable lessons for the 2018 award:

First, open it earlier! A rush of entries near the end left our reviewers with a bit too much reading to manage in three short weeks in September!

Second, to remember Paypal fees. We made it free entry for the first title aside from the book cost, but we bought the books to review so we got the publicly available versions. We forgot to allow for Paypal fees on entries so each book actually cost us a little to get.

Third, to be careful about mentioning reviews. We said we would review each book entered. We weren’t expecting to get a flood of books that didn’t have cats in at all (or barely had them present) but the author wanted a review – we know because they told us! We’re working through the review pile now, so all those reviews should be out on Bookangel by the end of November.

Check back in January for any updates, or follow for announcements or sign up to be contacted here: