2018 RunnersUp

Stephen Memorial Award 2018 – Runners Up

This competition was, once again, hard to judge, and none of these cats should be considered in any way inferior. These three stories contained the cats who came through and are the runners up for 2018

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Cat: Dascha
Story: Familiar Trials

Learning to be a familiar is something Dascha was not expecting, but when she does begin, she shows bravery both in and out of the classroom, while learning what it means to be a familiar.

Awarded to Dascha, for bravery and determination in the face of dangerous trials.Stephen Memorial Award 2018

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Cat: Purrcasso
Story: The Creatures of Chichester

The cat from the art galley. Wrangling both teenagers and ghosts that came to the Sloe Festival in Chichester. Despite floods and fears, standing firm and proud as only a cat can.

Awarded to Purrcasso, for his assistance in the saving of several ghostsStephen Memorial Award 2018

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Cat: Sir Kipling
Story: Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: Cat Magic

A magical cat who can talk to his wizard. While she is away, he decides that he should, of course, be keeping an eye on anything magical. Of course, when someone evil does try something, Sir Kipling is on hand to ensure that such plans go awry.

Awarded to Sir Kipling, for showing that it takes a good feline to be in charge.Stephen Memorial Award 2018

Honourable Mentions

Other memorable mentions go to “Finding their way Home”, a sweet poem about rescue cats, “Rebecca” by Austin Grisham about a Time Travellers cat and “Petectives: Under Fire” – the latest in the feline detective series.